Just Another Leg of Our Journey

Our annual trip to Omaha this year was during the recent major flooding, making it difficult to experience any adventures while there.

Flooding in Omaha
Flooding in Omaha – March 2019

Lucky for me, through this journey and Jeff’s regular work schedule, (lol, there is no “regular” to his work schedule) we got the privilege of visiting friends in Roswell, New Mexico and pass through Colorado 3 times in just a few weeks.

As we wandered through Colorado looking for anything we haven’t already seen, we discovered the town of Monte Vista was extremely crowded and parked cars lined the country roads. People flocked to farm fields with their cameras in hand.

Sand Cranes in Monte Vista Co
Sandhill Cranes – Monte Vista Colorado – March 2019

Huh! Monte Vista has a Crane Festival every year. Cranes were everywhere! Thousands, upon thousands of cranes!

Outside La Veta Pass, these coyotes put on a show for us for quite some time.

Coyotes, ColoradoCoyotes, Colorado

The oldest town in Colorado, San Luis was a new discovery for us. People began settling in this small town in 1851. The original town ordinance is posted and is extremely interesting. Outdated, but interesting. Would you like to live in a town that required all new citizens to be approved by the judge prior to settling?

Of course, deer and elk were everywhere. And a few buffalo too.

Herd of ElkDeer - ColoradoBuffalo - Colorado

Frozen lakes are not something I am used to seeing but I am understanding that ice fishing is in my future.

Lake Isabel - Frozen - Ice fishing
Frozen – Lake Isabella, Colorado
Frozen Lake at Mancos State Park
Frozen lake at Mancos State Park, Colorado

Three times over Wolf Creek Pass in 6 weeks showed some variables in the snow levels.

Wolf Creek Pass sign - March 7, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass sign – March 7, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass Summit
Wolf Creek Pass Summit – March 16, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass sign - snowmobile ramp - March 16, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass sign & snowmobile ramp – March 16, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass
March 16, 2019
Wolf Creek Pass sign
Wolf Creek Pass – April 26

During our travels we find quite a few adventures.

Some of you have already heard this story and seen the pictures but it’s one of those findings that just don’t happen every day. At least not to me! Jeff and Tye were venturing around a piece of property as Jeff was instructed to look at a building onsite. At this moment, I had no interest in the place and no reason to get out of the truck to walk around in the snow. So, I remained in the truck.

Something furry caught my attention. After informing Jeff there was something on the porch and its bigger than Tye, their interest perked up simultaneously. Side by side, they headed straight over.

I still stayed in the truck but now I was interested.

Just another adventure on the road!


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