Mohave County, Arizona – Continued

We previously shared a portion of our stay in Mohave County, Arizona. Soon after that post we experienced a snow that is rarer than the dusting we previously received.

This had to be the most beautiful snow I have experienced. It was like a silent movie. Not a sound could be heard as gentle snowflakes fell transforming each mountain, each Joshua tree and each cactus before me.

A desert snowstorm (7)A desert snow (2)

It was extremely peaceful.

When Jeff left that morning, the ground was dry and appeared as the desert that it is. Knowing he would want to know what he was missing, I called and sent him pictures as the snow began to fall. It fell fast. We discussed the possibility that he wouldn’t be able to make it home from work, knowing this part of the country is not prepared for this weather.

A desert snowstorm (2)A desert snowstorm (3)

Soon, I-40 was closed from Kingman to the Lake Havasu City turn off and the entire town of Kingman had shut down. Jeff had no way to get home. At the road closure he was told to turn around, no one was getting through the barricade.

Well, if you know Jeff, you know he made it home anyway. Sometimes, a person must make their own road through the desert.

Enjoy a few pictures of a some sunsets and purple mountains that surround us.

Sunset reflectionSunset Mohave Cty, ArizonaPurple Mtn Mohave CountyPurple Mtn majestyMohave County Az sunset



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