Mohave County, Arizona

Mohave County Arizona!

Desert, mountains and the Colorado River! This is Mohave County, Arizona.

The mountains are purple and the desert is green this time of year and we are glad to be home. If we consider ourselves having a stable place to live, this is it! At the foothills of the Hualapai Mountains with a couple of Joshua Trees.

Joshua Tree Mohave property

We’ve gotten some time to relax and do some Dutch oven cooking while watching some beautiful sunsets over the California mountains.

Who says it doesn’t snow in the desert? Well, we know better. The first morning we arrived, we woke to some moisture on the ground.

Mohave County snowy sunrise
Joshua Tree in the snow
Snow on our Joshua Trees
Mohave County
Winter in the desert
Snow on our Joshua Trees
Mohave County
Mohave County
Mohave County

Most of the snow was gone by the time evening arrived. Thankfully, this is the type of snow most people can live with; the type that doesn’t over stay its welcome.


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