Bridges of Madison County, Iowa

What is so special about a covered bridge? This was my question as we ventured to visit a few covered bridges in Madison County, Iowa.

In this area of Winterset, Iowa (aka John Wayne’s birthplace) is 6 covered bridges. We got a late start this Sunday as fellowship at church took a bit longer than we expected. So, we visited 3 of the 6 before the sun began going down.

During our drive, we seen many deer, 3 wild turkeys and a bit of history when we stumbled upon this beautiful school building, North River School built in 1874.

North River schoolhouse

North River schoolhouse built in 1874

North River schoolhouse 1874

This school reminds me of a story that was recently told to me. Back in the day, the day of 1 room school houses, it was common for the boys to walk to school with their rifles during pheasant season. If they got a pheasant on their walk to school, they spent time cleaning the catch before attending class.

The first covered bridge we arrived at changed my mood. I wanted to see the bridges but I wasn’t very thrilled at the same time. Once we arrived, I realized the manpower, the intelligence it took to build, along with having limited resources compared to today. I instantly had a respect for the builder and was thrilled to be there.

Enjoy pictures of the Hogback Covered Bridge built in 1884. This is one of the bridges that still reside in its original location.


Hogback bridge - Madison county Iowa

Hogback covered bridge info

The Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge, built in 1870 was moved to the city park. Although it doesn’t sit over water today, this location is a perfect place to display the bridge. The park setting was in perfect fall colors.

Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge info

Cutler-Donahoe 1870 - Madison County Iowa

The last bridge we visited is The Holliwell Covered Bridge. This bridge also sat over water, was built in 1880 and is the longest bridge in the state.

Holliwell Covered Bridge info

Holliwell Covered Bridge built 1880 Not posted on alamy

Holliwell Bridge - Madison County Iowa

Covered Bridges of Madison County

Although I doubt, we will have the opportunity to see the remaining Covered Bridges during our stay, I sure did enjoy the afternoon we spent roaming around the countryside.

Please remember copyright’s. Photos on this blog are for viewing only. Our best pictures are available on Photos. Once the window opens, type Bridges of Madison County.



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  1. Deb Lawrence says:

    I love covered bridges! There are quite a few in Indiana (Boone County I think). I’m going to make that trip before I leave. -Deb @ RV Life and Travels


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