Bird Watching!

Our time in Iowa has been quite surprising. At first, we questioned, what will our opportunities for adventure be in Iowa?

Well, we discovered if you want to find something interesting in Iowa, you can!

Besides seeing one Golden Eagle during our visit, our biggest surprise is the number of Bald Eagles we have stumbled upon. I see this fella occasionally on my way to run weekly errands. He is either in this tree or in a nearby farm field.

Bald Eagle Iowa

We have been told stories of sightings of 6 or 7 Bald Eagles sitting high above in tree tops a few miles away for our location. We were certainly amazed at that concept but we had only seen one at a time. Then we stumbled upon this family of Bald Eagles and enjoyed the show.

Eagles landing

Bald Eagle

eagle soaring

Awesome landing

This was a cool, rainy day and we were able to watch all of them work together to gather food. Later, we discovered the eaglet alone in a nearby tree. He posed nicely for his photo to be taken.


Eaglet poising for his picture

I am confident we will continue seeing bald eagles and hope to find an eagle’s nest too.

Our images are not up for grabs. All pictures are owned by us and posted for your viewing only. If you would like to view more of our pictures you can click: Photos You will be taken to another website. Once the new window is open you can search “eagle” or “eagles”.

Thank you and enjoy!


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