A Visit to Des Moines, Iowa – Living History Farms

A venture in Des Moines, Iowa gave us an opportunity to visit the Living History Farms. Our fitbits well surpassed 10,000 steps this day as we took an all-day walk through 300 years of history, farm life, cultural and age-old entrepreneurship.  

The outdoor museum consists of 500 acres, sits within the city limits and is located on land of some of the original buildings. Although, other buildings were moved into the area to create the museum, the land the museum sits on today was someone’s farm at one time. (the history of the land is discussed in the mansion)

The owners of this home, made approx $1,300 a year and was considered to be a well above average lifestyle for the day.

The 3-story barn was interesting. Animals resided in the basement while feed was kept on the upper levels and tossed downward for feeding time.


The Mansion was amazing for its day and today.

The furnishing had my attention!

Paper dollsDecor (3)1895 Montgomery Wards CatalogBeauty Supplies

A few interesting articles throughout each home. The Montgomery Ward Catalog was fun to look through and see the cost of items back then.

Some livestock on the grounds.

Rules of Life

Interesting Rules of Life posted in the Schoolhouse.

  1. Kindness to animals
  2. Good manners
  3. Respect of Elders
  4. Respect of the Government
  5. Obedience
  6. Patriotism
  7. Wisdom of early rising
  8. Reverence
  9. Honesty
  10. Truthfulness
  11. Temperance
  12. Greed and waste are evil
Nice walk between centuries
A Bridge crossing through centuries

We enjoyed our stroll through 300 years; the 17th, 18th, and 19th century farms, houses, barns along with live animals and a town.

We did get to the church building too late as well as a few merchants. Another half of day would have been nice to be able to have spent more time speaking with the guides that were dressed for the era.

During the winter months, dinners and tea’s take place in each fascinating home. I hope to have the opportunity to enjoy one some day soon. Check out the Living History Farms website for great information.

As full-time travelers we are aware there are many full-time traveling families that home school their children on the road of education. The Living History Farms are a must for those families if they are cruising through Des Moines.



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