Cooking on the Road – Full-time Travel

Living full time on the road would bring hindrances to some when it comes to cooking. But to others, including us, the lack of routine brings more opportunity for variety.

When we began our journey on the road, I thought limited storage space would dictate the cooking equipment I would be able to bring with us. But Jeff said “Bring it all.”

I eagerly did just that! I brought it all and to my surprise, I found a place for each small appliance (all of my Kitchen-aid treasures) while he packed the cast iron and the grills; gas and charcoal.

Since full time travel has become our lifestyle, routines of all kinds have disappeared from our lives including the routine of having the same meals each week, when and how we prepare each meal and that famous routine of a weekly night out on the town. Traveling full-time means the town we dine in even changes! Yippee! More variety!

If you can’t tell, I am no fan of routine! I like variety! And although, we used to cook in every way mentioned when we lived in brick and mortar, we now have a lack of routines and embrace variety.

Occasionally, our travels mean we have to park the RV and stay at a motel. This is something I dread. Motel stays could hinder our cooking and meal prep if we allowed it. But have no fear! We are prepared for just about anything.

Charcoal grilling
Grilling on the road!

When the need arises to stay at a motel, we simply back the truck in with the intention of providing adequate space for safety and place the charcoal grill on the tailgate. This allows us to be able to prepare quality meat and if needed, we can store extras in the motel refrigerator for a nice breakfast in the early morning.

Travel doesn’t have to mean we go without well balanced meals, settle for processed food or have meals prepared by strangers.

Grilled brussel Sprouts
Ahh..the versatility and convenience of a gas grill!

Thankfully, we seldom stay in motels. 99% of our travel is with our RV. Of course, we use the gas grill frequently, along with the stove top and oven. But Cast Iron is one of our favorite ways of cooking.

Cooking outdoors with cast iron is a simple clean up, produces great tasting food and it also travels in the truck as easy as the charcoal grill. We frequently use both on fishing trips.

Cast Iron cooking
Cast Iron Cooking virtually anywhere
Fulltime Travelers always need their grill and charcoal on hand.
Full-time Travelers always need their grill and charcoal on hand.

As full-time travelers, we cast thoughts of cooking hindrances out the window and enjoy the variety of ways to cook on the road while considering each one just another…..freedom of full-time travel…..!



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