The Gypsy Life

What is the Gypsy Life?

How do Gypsy’s live?

Do they simply float around wherever the wind blows them or do they move forward with purpose?

Are they irresponsible?

All 3 of us - Wisconsin Dells
May 2018 – Wisconsin Dells

It’s been over a year since we sold our home, bought a 5th wheel and made the highway our driveway. Neither one of us have looked in the rear view mirror since.

The map above shows most of our travels (in pink and orange colors) over the past year where we have encountered major mishaps, joyous adventures and exciting journeys.

Map of the United States journaling our travel for 12 months.
Journal map of the United States tracking our travel for 12 months. (June 2017-June 2018)

We wake up every day outside of a routine and rut while looking forward to the next blessing God has in store for us as we move forward with purpose.

We invite you to follow us and enjoy!




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